What North Vancouver Residents are saying about Angela Girard...

“Angela Girard is a great Councillor and caring leader in the City. I admire her passion in building a more liveable city for all, and she effectively delivered so by promoting multiculturalism and better mobility options at every opportunity possible. Her vast experience and understanding of small businesses make her a trustworthy advisor and integral part of the business community in parts of the City. Angela is approachable, genuine and always puts others first. I feel so lucky to have known her and wholeheartedly support her to be our Councillor again.”
Tony Sun
Owner, Reckless Shipyards eBikes & More, Board Member, Lower Lonsdale BIA & North Vancouver Resident
"Angela has been a fierce advocate for families through all the years I've known her, and I don't expect that to change any time soon."
Bowinn Ma
Community Leader & North Vancouver Resident
"I have had the immense pleasure of working with Angela while serving on the City’s Social Planning Advisory Committee (SPAC). I was immediately taken with Angela’s care and concern for all the residents in the City of North Vancouver, especially advocating for the City’s most vulnerable population. Coming from an arts and culture background, I appreciate Angela’s interest in and support of the diverse and world-class cultural organizations in our community. Angela understands the benefits of culture and how supporting culture creates deeper ties to the community as well as a better understanding of each other. However, what has impressed me the most is Angela’s compassion, empathy, honesty, integrity, and ability to connect with people. I cannot think of someone better to represent my voice in the City of North Van than Angela.
Kate Galicz
Cultural Administrator, Vice Chair, Social Planning Advisory Committee, Board Member, North Van Arts Council & North Vancouver Resident
“I have gotten to know Angela over the almost 2 years that we have served on the North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission. Angela is passionate about North Vancouver and believes in a community that is welcoming to all people. I have seen her be a strong advocate for local community groups as well as a thoughtful listener. I am very pleased to endorse her for re-election as a Councillor of the City of North Vancouver.”
Herman Mah
Vice Chair, North Van Recreation & Culture Commission & North Vancouver Resident
“As a mom of a child with a physical disability, accessibility to a playground is vital to a child’s quality of life and inclusivity with their peers. Prior to the recent playground upgrades at Westview Elementary, my 11 year old son, Xeth, who requires a wheelchair for mobility, was completely unable to join his friends on his school playground. This was because the playground had wood chips and a perimeter barrier surrounding it which no wheeled device could navigate.
The City’s contribution to this playground upgrade meant that a rubberized surface and the removal of the perimeter barrier was able to be installed, which now allows Xeth to fully access this playground. Xeth can wheel around and play amongst his friends, rather than watch them play from a distance. This has meant the world to him, and to me as his mom.
These playground upgrades have also allowed other children, who may not attend Westview, and who also have physical disabilities, to enjoy this playground as well. I am grateful to Angela Girard for having re-established City funding towards school playground upgrades, which has made a world of difference for my son, Xeth and for other children with physical disabilities who come to enjoy it as well.
Parent, Westview Elementary & North Vancouver Resident
“I have known Angela Girard since she began her service as a North Vancouver City Councillor. However, I became more familiar with her personality and capacities when I began serving as a Committee Member on the City’s Advisory Design Panel since 2020. Even though she is not an Architect, Landscape Architect or an Urban Planner, she raises fundamental design and urban planning issues to the applicants in every meeting.
On the other note, I am also honoured to be working closely with her on the upcoming Multicultural Community Festival project in our City – a motion brought to Council by both Councillors Girard and Hu in January 2022… I have been consistently impressed by Angela’s passion for the community and commitment to service. To continue making the City of North Vancouver a great place, we need people like Angela on our municipal Council. I love to see Angela continuing her journey and hold her current position as a Councillor to carry on what she started.
I can describe Angela as a visionary, passionate, hardworking, honest, candid, astute and very intelligent. I believe these qualities would make her an excellent Councillor to be re-elected.”
Mehrdad Rahbar
Advisory Design Panel Committee Member, City of North Vancouver; Designer, Artist, North Vancouver Resident
"I have known Angela since she worked for the Real Estate Council of BC from 2008 until 2012 and, more recently, while working together on the Capital Campaign Committee for L’Arche Greater Vancouver. Angela’s high work ethic, together with her desire to make the world a better place, makes her results-oriented in everything she does. She genuinely cares about people and her community. I have every confidence that, if re-elected as Councillor, she will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that the City of North Vancouver remains such a great place to live and one of the best small cities in Canada.”
Robert Fawcett
Retired Executive Officer, Real Estate Council & North Vancouver Resident
“Unable to realize alternative accommodation after trying for many years, a younger neighbour friend sent me to Angela for assistance in the difficult situation of our displacement for redevelopment, my second such experience on the North Shore. Angela encouraged me in a situation I had known nothing about, namely that new developers are required to have a few spaces at a lower price for tenants they were displacing. Angela went to bat for me with one of the leasing agents for the developer company. They decided they were able to accept me at a price I could manage. I am extremely grateful, and feel Angela is something special in a City Councillor.
Senior & North Vancouver Resident for 35 years
“It is an absolute pleasure to be able to write a few words of recommendation for Angela Girard. I have known Angela for 14 years, having first met her in 2008 when I served as a Director with the Real Estate Council of British Columbia. Angela was the Property Management Compliance Officer. I (and the Board) relied heavily on her expertise and indisputable knowledge of Strata law. More importantly, we trusted Angela to take a lot of information, condense it and deliver it to us without bias.
I believe a good councillor has to be able to diffuse awkward situations, negotiate effectively, facilitate many agendas while at the same time not losing site of the task at hand. Angela has the ability to do all of these things. I have been in business since 1984. Sometimes you meet people who you instinctively know, behind your belly button, are genuine… Angela is one of those people!
Patrick O'Donnell
Chair, Real Estate Compensation Fund, Former Director, Real Estate Council, Realtor & North Shore Resident
"I first met Angela in 2018 when she was elected to Council and have had the great pleasure to get to know her over the past 4 years. We have worked on many initiatives and projects during this time including childcare, playgrounds, safe routes to school and multicultural festival. We have also sat on the CNV4ME Task Force and CNV Youth Awards Committee together. She has always been easy to connect with, very supportive and someone I could reach out for advice anytime. I am happy to call her my friend.
Angela is genuine, respectful and cares deeply for all residents in City of North Vancouver. She is very approachable and listens to concerns that residents have shared with her. She makes time to support and help anyone that reaches out to her. She is prepared and engaged at the Council meetings. She is a team player who values the feedback and perspective of those she is working with.
In her 4 years as a Councillor, Angela has brought forward many motions including making the City a Living Wage employer, establishing a coordinated After School Care program, and establishment of a Task Force to explore an annual Multicultural Festival, to name a few. She also initiated the re-establishment of City funding for upgrades to school playgrounds which has already had a positive impact for three City schools, and the expansion of childcare.
Angela is very dedicated, invested and committed to making City of North Vancouver a diverse, equitable and inclusive place where everyone feels part of the community. I am happy to support Angela Girard for a 2nd Term as City of North Vancouver Councillor."
Kulvir Mann
School Trustee & Board Chair, North Vancouver Board of Education, North Vancouver Resident
“I have known Angela Girard for 15 years and a large part of that time she was advising and consulting our Strata on legal, financial, and housing matters. She is an excellent listener and communicator, always firm but considers both sides of any matter before forming her own opinion. She is exceedingly competent and effective in getting things done. She is honest, fair and personable, and has always shown high integrity and character. As a mother of a young daughter, and as a person who has managed her own successful business, and a long-time resident of North Vancouver, I highly recommend her as a strong and worthy candidate for re-election North Vancouver City Council.”
Clive Sanders
Strata Council Member & North Vancouver Resident
“From the moment I met Angela over 25 years ago, I have watched her say ‘yes’ to everyone who asks for her help. She thrives on solving people’s problems and she excels at it. Since she moved to the North Shore in 2002, she has been tireless in her efforts to make her community stronger and more resilient. From supporting community organizations and projects, to building a successful strata management consultancy, to her role as City Councillor, one of Angela’s greatest strengths is connecting people to find win-win solutions.”
Kim Jacob
Board Member, North Shore Restorative Justice Society
“Angela Girard is a person who genuinely cares about people and the community. She listens with respect and compassion. When you converse with Angela, you feel that she is interested in you, your history, your passions, and your challenges. She also relishes connecting people and creating community.”
Ellie Zajc
North Vancouver Resident
“It has been a privilege getting to know Angela as both an individual, and as a City Councillor here in North Vancouver. She has gone above and beyond for the residents of this City, and it has been an honour to experience her work firsthand. She is a very kind and compassionate individual, and I know each person who crosses paths with her would think the same. She has gone out of her way to ensure that the residents of North Vancouver are taken care of, more so now as the cost of living in this beautiful city is sky rocketing. She continues to understand the residents and their needs, and she is very capable of coming up with a solution to any problem. I am honoured to have had the opportunity to shed light on what a wonderful individual she is, and North Vancouver would be lucky to have her continue her role within our City as a City Council member!”
Vanja Bezdrob
Licensed Practical Nurse & North Vancouver Resident
I wish to write about my experiences with Angela Girard and provide support for her campaign as a City Councillor. I first met Angela while I was volunteering for the CNV’s Advisory Design Panel (ADP) in December 2018, when Angela started attending the ADP sessions as Council’s representative, providing her insights and comments on a variety of projects.
I had the pleasure of hearing Angela bring her experiences and expertise to every ADP session between December 2018 and January 2022, which was my last ADP session. During that time, Angela would look at not only the construction and maintenance of the buildings but also their impact on the City and its citizens and communities.
Angela brought such a forthright and non-judgemental insight to the sessions that I looked forward to every time I would get to hear her thoughts. Many times Angela would bring up matters that I intended to bring up and it was a pleasure to hear her bringing up construction, maintenance, community access or other usability concerns that can be overlooked and bringing them up in such a way that it was constructive.
I have no doubt that Angela will bring that forthright and non-judgmental attitude to everything that she does and I support her in her future campaigning efforts.
Nick Petrie
Advisory Design Panel Committee Member, City of North Vancouver
“It’s been a pleasure getting to know Angela and working with her on the North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission.

As a Commissioner, Angela has demonstrated her ability to question, comment and bring forward ideas and initiatives that align with in her view and values in her role as a Councillor for the City of North Vancouver. Her passion for both recreation and culture is apparent in her the way she addresses and raises issues and topics that are focused to provide positive impact to the families and citizens in The City of North Vancouver and more so for the community at large. For example, Angela, brought forward a motion to Council advocating for much needed, after school care programming. This demonstrated her deep understanding and connection to her community.
Angela’s passion and commitment to serving her community and supporting her community is evident in all the work she does, and I hope she will have the opportunity to continue to drive her thoughts and ideas forward for another four-year term.”

Franci Stratton
Chief Operating Officer, Nemetz (S/A) & Associations Ltd. & North Vancouver Resident
“As a former PAC executive for Westview Elementary, I am really grateful that we have the support of the City, with the playground Grant, because it gave us the opportunity to make our play area, inclusive to everyone in our community."
Maria Haslbeck
Former PAC Executive, Westview Elementary School & North Vancouver Resident
“I thank Angela for all her help in gathering information to resolve my two issues. Angela is a caring and valuable City Council member that listens, communicates, and acts on our behalf. Angela’s help was completed with speed and efficiency and is so appreciated.”
Jo-Anne Emanuele
North Vancouver Resident

Angela Girard