Youth Engagement

Improve communication and outreach with youth, and learn what matters most to them
  • Support youth education and communication initiatives to ensure they have the knowledge about how local governments work, their voices are heard on what matters to them, and they can become future leaders within our community.
  • Increase the promotion of the City’s CNV4ME ‘School the City’ toolkit for local teachers to educate students from K-12 about how local government works and opportunities for them to engage in City initiatives.
Why is this important?

Approximately 25% of City residents are under the age of 25 years. A number of our younger residents feel they are not engaged in municipal government, but an overwhelming majority wish they could participate more but don’t know how. This is either because they don’t have the knowledge or the tools to learn how local governments work, or they don’t have the opportunity to have their say and influence decision-making at the local government level. We need to engage our City’s youth where they are, through directed communications campaigns, including invitations to meaningfully connect with elected officials and staff.

“It’s been a pleasure getting to know Angela and working with her on the North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission.

As a Commissioner, Angela has demonstrated her ability to question, comment and bring forward ideas and initiatives that align with in her view and values in her role as a Councillor for the City of North Vancouver. Her passion for both recreation and culture is apparent in her the way she addresses and raises issues and topics that are focused to provide positive impact to the families and citizens in The City of North Vancouver and more so for the community at large. For example, Angela, brought forward a motion to Council advocating for much needed, after school care programming. This demonstrated her deep understanding and connection to her community.
Angela’s passion and commitment to serving her community and supporting her community is evident in all the work she does, and I hope she will have the opportunity to continue to drive her thoughts and ideas forward for another four-year term.”

Franci Stratton
Chief Operating Officer, Nemetz (S/A) & Associations Ltd. & North Vancouver Resident

Angela Girard