Mental Health

Advocate for mental health initiatives to improve accessibility of safe mental health services
  • Advocate for mental health support initiatives like CMHA’s Peer Assisted Care Teams (PACT) that respond to crisis calls related to mental health and/or substance use as a way of supporting and reducing the reliance on law enforcement in mental health crisis situations.
  • Advocate for the provincial regulation of counselling therapy to improve accessibility of safe mental health support services within our community.
Why is this important?

Mental health is at the centre of an individual’s sense of well being. It determines whether an individual is thriving or struggling to meet their own needs. Poor mental health can often lead to isolation, anxiety, and substance abuse, which have lasting impacts on the individual and their loved ones. Providing connections to mental health supports and resources can reduce the need for police intervention in a mental health crisis, and help an individual get on the path toward healing, which ultimately benefits the entire community.

Angela Girard