Economic & Cultural Development

Support local businesses and the economic development of distinct business sectors, including the City cultural precinct
  • Find ways to reduce barriers that prevent small to medium sized businesses from growing and thriving
  • Contribute to the expansion of a Central Lonsdale Business Improvement Association (BIA), with ongoing support for the continued success of the Lower Lonsdale BIA
  • Explore further development of the Brewery District and the creation of a High-Tech Hub and the in the Lower Lonsdale Area
  • Support the establishment of a Healthcare Hub within the vicinity of Lions Gate Hospital and other surrounding healthcare facilities
  • Promote tourism opportunities in the City, including but not limited to:
    • Supporting the City’s Cultural Precinct in Lower Lonsdale which includes The Museum of North Vancouver (MONOVA), Polygon Gallery, Presentation Theatre, North Van Arts Council and other private galleries and cultural enterprises
    • Establishing a multi-day, annual multicultural festival to showcase local artists and businesses around the City
  • Continue collaborating with the North Shore Chamber of Commerce in supporting our local businesses and economic interests
Why is this important?
The City is an important economic hub on the North Shore which consists of a balance of small and medium businesses, and larger port-oriented industries. The revitalization of The Shipyards on the waterfront, along with the relocation of key cultural institutions, has transformed this area into a local destination with a strong cultural identity. Through the creation of distinct economic hubs and districts, there is much potential for business to expand and thrive in an environment with reduced barriers and the support of local BIAs and the North Shore Chamber.

Angela Girard