“Angela Girard is a person who genuinely cares about people and the community. She listens with respect and compassion.  When you converse with Angela, you feel that she is interested in you, your history, your passions, and your challenges. She also relishes connecting people and creating community.”

Ellie Zajc
Resident, North Vancouver

“I have known Angela Girard for 15 years and a large part of that time she was advising and consulting our Strata on legal, financial, and housing matters.  She is an excellent listener and communicator, always firm but considers both sides of any matter before forming her own opinion.  She is exceedingly competent and effective in getting things done.  She is honest, fair and personable, and has always shown high integrity and character.  As a mother of a young daughter, and as a person who has managed her own successful business, and a long-time resident of North Vancouver, I highly recommend her as a strong and worthy candidate for North Vancouver City Council.”

Clive Sanders
Strata Council Member
Resident, North Vancouver

“Every community needs strong and thoughtful citizens to take a leadership role in the building of a healthy community.  Angela Girard is one of those individuals.  I have the pleasure of serving on a Board of Directors with Angela and have witnessed firsthand her dedication, passion, commitment and collaborative style of engagement.  Angela understands what is needed to create a vibrant and healthy community.  The City of North Vancouver will be well served by this talented and hard-working individual.”

Ted Kuntz
Chair, Operations Board
L’Arche Greater Vancouver

“It has been my pleasure to have known and worked with Angela Girard in a volunteer capacity in North Vancouver for 3 years and, through that, am pleased to have seen that working relationship blossom so that I am privileged to call her my friend.  She is conscientious, very hard working and has a real feel and love for the community.  I would be thrilled to have her representing my City and know she would work for what’s best for all residents.  And besides being a well-educated, well-spoken and a hard working person, she can sing, too!”

Barbara Joffries
Choir Leader, St. Paul’s Indian Catholic Church & Friend
Resident, North Vancouver

“I have known Angela for 10 years, having first met her in 2008 when I served as a Director with the Real Estate Council of BC. I (and the Council) relied heavily on her expertise and indisputable knowledge of Strata law.  More importantly, we trusted Angela to take a lot of information, condense it and deliver it to us without bias.  I believe a good councillor has to be able to diffuse awkward situations, negotiate effectively, facilitate many agendas while at the same time not losing site of the task at hand. Angela has the ability to do all of these things. I have been in business since 1984.  Sometimes you meet people who you instinctively know, behind your belly button, are genuine… Angela is one of those people!”

Patrick O’Donnell
Former Director, Real Estate Council of BC
Resident, North Shore

“I have known Angela Girard since she worked for the Real Estate Council of BC from 2008 until 2012 and, more recently, while working together on the Capital Campaign Committee for L’Arche Greater Vancouver.  Angela’s high work ethic, together with her desire to make the world a better place, makes her results-oriented in everything she does.  She genuinely cares about people and her community and will work tirelessly to ensure that the City of North Vancouver continues to be such a great place to live.  I have every confidence that she will make a wonderful councillor!”

Robert Fawcett
Retired Executive Officer, Real Estate Council of BC
Resident, North Vancouver

Angela Girard for City Councillor

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