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Angela grew up in rural Manitoba and moved to Vancouver in 1993 to attend UBC. She became a North Vancouver resident in 2002, and has experienced this City from the perspective of being a small business owner and a professional, and as a parent.

Having spent much of her career resolving disputes and representing the rights and concerns of homeowners, Angela has the skills and experience necessary to build consensus, advocate for others and get things done. And she builds relationships everywhere she goes—from participating on parent advisory committees, to Church youth and music ministries, and as a Board Member for L’Arche Greater Vancouver, Angela is a natural leader and collaborator.

Angela’s passion for community building started at a very young age, with her father, Bill Uruski, having been elected as a 6-term MLA in rural Manitoba, and her mother, Elaine, being a community ‘galvanizer’. Angela witnessed her parents engage with many people, listening intently to their issues and advocating on their behalf to find real solutions. They taught her the values of being compassionate, attentive to the concerns of others and standing-up for one’s beliefs.

“Very great change starts from very small conversations, held among people who care.”

Margaret Wheatley

Author & Educator

Today, as a mother of a young child and as a business professional, Angela is deeply concerned about the lack of affordable housing, insufficient childcare and limited transit options in the City of North Vancouver. If elected, she is committed to working hard to find creative solutions to these issues, so that:

  • Every young person who calls this City home can remain here.
  • Seniors on fixed incomes can be assured they will not be forced to leave their homes.
  • Families and single parents will not have to make the difficult decision to leave this City for affordability elsewhere.
  • Parents with young children will find childcare options close to home.

Angela Girard for City Councillor

Community Service

Throughout her life, Angela has volunteered for various types of organizations and causes within her community. Here are a few organizations she has had the privilege of serving:

  • L’Arche Greater Vancouver: Board of Directors – L’Arche offers homes and day programs for people, with and without disabilities, sharing life in community (2016 to present)
  • Ridgeway Elementary School: Parent Advisory Committee – “Fun Lunch” Program  (2017 to present)
  • St. Paul’s Catholic Indian Church: Youth Coordinator, occasional pianist & psalmist (2016 to present)

Other previous commitments include:

  • St. Edmund’s Elementary School: Parish Education Committee – Member at Large
  • MS Society Development Office – Fundraising Initiatives
  • Vancouver Aquarium: Fundraising Event Volunteer
  • Canuck Place Development Office: Donor Recognition

“One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals.  When we pool our strength and share the work and responsibility, we can welcome many people…”

Jean Vanier

Founder, L’Arche


After graduating from university in 1998, her career path lead her to reside in North Vancouver:

  • 1999 – hired as a strata manager by a North Shore strata management company
  • 2002 – moved to North Vancouver to be closer to work
  • 2005 – developed and owned a strata management company licensed with the Real Estate Council of BC:
    • Managed 16 strata corporations (including handling financial management and budgeting for each) with the help of two staff, and a dedicated husband with a supporting career in education
    • Entrusted with nearly $2 million in strata trust funds
  • 2008 – joined the Real Estate Council of BC providing work of compliance with respect to strata and rental property management services:
    • Became staff appointed representative on the Strata Management Advisory Committee and Rental Property Management Advisory Committee tasked with forming policy to protect the public with respect to these services
  • 2012 – worked on contract after becoming a mom and remaining at home
  • 2018 – provide administrative support on a part-time contract basis to FACTBC, which has a mission to regulate counselling therapy by lobbying the BC government to create a College


  • Bachelor of Sciences – Agricultural Economics: University of British Columbia
  • Accounting 1: Langara College
  • Real Estate Division Licensing Courses – Managing Broker (Strata) and Representative (Rental): Sauder School of Business, UBC
  • NCIT Basic Investigator & Enforcement: The Council on Licensure, Enforcement & Regulation (CLEAR), Kentucky, USA

“Our City is a vibrant, culturally diverse and economically thriving community, with a shared prosperity in the arts, culture, community centres, library, green space and a vision towards more sustainable living. My commitment to you, if elected, is to listen to your concerns and advocate for you, collaborate to find solutions to your key issues, and build a more livable, compassionate and inclusive community.  It would be my utmost privilege to serve you.”

Angela Girard

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